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Pastel Blush Surprise Birthday Crackers

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Everyone loves a good surprise - and our Surprise Party Balls will really delight your party guests!

They are crafted from crepe paper, and are filled with wonderful treats. They are perfect to place next to party table settings, or to pop into party bags.

Each ball is wrapped in a different color of crepe paper - neon pink, neon orange, pink, peach, blue and green - The balls are each topped with a shimmering star, crafted from gold eco glitter.

Each ball contains a sticker, a foil sticker, a joke, a paper hat, a friendship bracelet and a self-adhesive black mustache.


  • Brightly colored print & gold stars on each
  • Made from eco-friendly paper
  • Pack of 6 in 6 designs
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches


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